DIY Low Angle Shoulder Plane


I found a blog post on Lumberjocks by user “mafe” from over two years ago and it looks like a cool project I’d like to attempt. Having just finished my first plane (a standard 45 degree angle shoulder plane) it would be great to have a 12 degree companion, especially for narrow channels of harder, more stubborn end grain. Also, and probably more to the point, it’s just really satisfying to make my own tools. Page 1 is the plane construction. Page 2 covers making a tee blade from an old block plane blade.

This isn’t a super necessary project, just something to do for experience mainly. I’ll keep an eye out for an appropriate piece of hardwood to use for this. The bubinga worked pretty well last time, and if it’s the same cost, I’d be spending maybe 18 bucks for wood. Plus I just like to say “bubinga”.


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