Put a bird on it…


…or more specifically, put a dovetail on it. As dovetails are probably woodworking’s preeminent (or at least most discussed) joint, I figure after a year or so of exploring the craft, I better dive in and learn. You’d agree if you’ve seen my attempts thus far, though I do see incremental improvement each time. I picked up a Kindle copy of The Complete Dovetail: Handmade Furniture’s Signature Joint by Ian Kirby and signed up for a six-hour dovetail class at Highland Woodworking here in Atlanta. I’m kind of happy to be doing this now rather than say, last year, because my basic fundamentals are down and I happen to now own good quality, sharp tools for the class. My cheap, home-improvement-store-quality “tools” are almost all replaced with the good stuff.

Being a largely self-educated person in general, I am a huge advocate for self-directed internet learning (and in fact, my entire career is a result of that), however sometimes there is no replacement for working under the watchful eye of someone who has mastered a craft who can correct your subtle (and probably in my case, not so subtle) mistakes.


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