Lie Nielsen Rabbet Block Plane

Lie Nielsen Rabbet Block Plane

This is my first brand new plane of this caliber. My other planes are all restored antique Stanleys and a wooden jointer from the 1800’s. All great tools, but after trying Lie Nielsen’s products over at Highland Woodworking a few times, I’m sold. They are expensive, but completely worth it. Tools like these, if even minimally cared for will last longer than civilization.

This plane is built to trim rabbet joints and other planing where you have to cut right up to the edge of a right angle. Because of the low blade angle, this plane is great for trimming end grain and any other miscellaneous tasks suited for a conventional block plane.

The plane is a great tool with an extremely hard and durable steel blade that arrived already sharpened and ready to go. That said, I still put it on my 8000 grit stone to bring out a mirror polish on the back and bevel to ensure the best possible edge. It’s taking some extremely thin translucent shavings. Gotta say I’m happy. My only complaint is that this block plane is not as comfortable in the hand as my Stanley but maybe this will improve with some practice.


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