BBQ Board

Teak End Grain Cutting BoardThis is the most recent piece to come out of the shop and probably the last cutting board for a while. At least until Christmas rolls around 🙂

A friend donated a large quantity of 6/4 reclaimed Brazilian teak to my first woodworking efforts, both a bane and a blessing. Teak is a bear to work with, and I found myself really struggling to shape it with my meager selection of starting tools. It’s also apparently expensive, something I didn’t truly realize until I’d used up quite a bit of it and started talking to other woodworkers. These first projects did however help me choose quality tools that would be effective against this dense, oily wood.

Anyway, after a series of small, functional pieces were built, I decided to use the remainder of the wood to make something for the generous friend who donated it in the first place. This guy makes some amazing BBQ in his backyard and mentioned he’d like a big cutting board for the chunks of delicious smoked pig he pulls out of his Big Green Egg.

The result is a 16″ X 22″ X 1.75″ thick solid teak end grain board. I cut deep grooves for the juice to run that end in an enlarged reservoir on the end. Handles are cut into the underside with a matching riser piece that fits into one end so the board can be elevated to facilitate the juice flow.

Fortunately for me, the recipient had a few more pieces of teak to give to me after I dropped this guy off. I’m much more precious with the little pile I have and I intend to save it for a piece of properly high-end furniture when my skills catch up with my ambitions.

I’m happy to say that my next big project will be a dining room table, my first large piece of furniture.



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